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Smart Contracts & Protocol Audits

We audit smart contracts, protocols, crowd sale token contracts, and custom smart contracts across every major protocol (ETH, DOT, BSC, SOL, etc) and programming language. Code security analysis is a must for competitive enterprises.

Wallet & DApp Audits

We audit all Wallets & DApps.

Source Code Audits

We analyze source code or compiled versions of code to help find security flaws. Code security analysis is a must for competitive

Web Application Security Assessment

Web applications are vulnerable to various attacks. We perform thorough penetration testing using the most advanced security testing methodologies.

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Mobile Application Security Testing includes authentication, authorization, data security, vulnerabilities for hacking, session management, etc.

Network Penetration Testing

We identify and validate exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, web services and facilities before bad actors are able to discover and exploit them.

Data Leak Discovery

We check for data leaks in cloud services including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Database Assessments

We discover forgotten or rogue databases, classify sensitive data, and assess databases for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

CMS Vulnerabilities

CMS vulnerabilities are a common denominator of many successful attacks. We secure CMS Wordpress / Magento / Drupal / Vbulletin / Joomla.

Smart Contract Auditing Process

Get in touch with our team to request a quote for a smart contract audit.

Step 1. Create Custom Test Suite

Custom test suites allow us to test each individual piece of your smart contract to ensure proper functionality and encourage coding best practices.

Step 2. Intensive Dynamic Analysis

All standard vulnerabilities are checked for, and specific attention is paid to intended contract function and potential abuse/misuse.

Step 3. Summary Report + GPG Signed Audit Report

The final deliverable is a GPG signed audit report with the Zokyo seal of approval. The report consists of discovered vulnerabilities, results of our efficiency analysis, and suggestions to improve coding practice.


Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many companies choose us.

Scott Carlson
Hedge of Digital Asset Security, Kudelksi

"Zokyo's team has deep expertise and a world-class reputation for auditing the ‘smart contracts’ that are essential to blockchain business process workflows. Combined with our expertise in cryptography, embedded security down to silicon level, and secure application development, Zokyo is an ideal partner in what we believe will be a growing coalition of like-minded organizations focused on improving the underlying security of blockchain and expanding its use in business applications.”

Brian Spector
Co-Founder at Qredo

“It’s rare to find teams that have world-renowned hackers that have a passion for securing DeFi. Grateful to have Zokyo has our go-to partner for cybersecurity.”

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How do you differ from other security auditors?

Zokyo is an end-to-end security resource that provides distinguishable security auditing and penetration testing services alongside prominent vulnerability assessments. Our team consists of world-renown hackers, cryptographers, and engineers that have focused on the nuances of cybersecurity within the blockchain space since 2016. We often act as strategic technical partners and conduct two rounds of re-audits as a part of our process. We leverage a mix of manual and automated tooling and provide consulting, advice. and fix discussions.

What is your philosophy?

Zokyo has a team of certified ethical hackers who simulate an all-bases-covered attack on your applications to discover vulnerabilities and assist in fixing them.

Why Zokyo?

Our team has discovered secured smart contracts that have gone on to raise over $1.5bn.

Rewards and Recognition

Ranked #1 Smart Contract Auditing firm by Forbes in 2018.

Does your team conduct security research?

Zokyo's cybersecurity team is actively involved in bug bounty programs run by companies such as Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Salesforce etc. Zokyo is ranked among top researchers on these platforms.

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Our world-renown team attacks your application from an attacker's perspective rather than just from a compliance perspective.

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